• Physical Forgiveness

    I was listening to the victims of the Charleston, SC massacre as they painfully poured out their hearts with words of forgiveness for the shooter, and thought about how hard it is to forgive someone. I was astonished by their initial steps in the forgiveness process and now realize one of purposes of this tragedy. […]

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  • 5 March ~ “The Timer”

    Each night, as instructed by Dr. Almeta Stokes, I go under the covering of my Tallit (prayer shawl) for five minutes. Dr. Stokes is a professor at Howard University and a prayer warrior in my church organization. She has the gift of healing and prays consistently, often utilizing her prayer shawl. Prior to my departure, […]

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  • Daring Faith

    As we are in the season of examining our faith, here’s an entry in the book on that topic. 26 July ~ “I Gave Away My Helmet?” Today I gave away my helmet. Why would someone do that in a combat zone? I loaned my helmet to a technician who needed it in order to […]

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