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Reveal and teach the work of Jesus in our world… That’s it. That’s our bottom line… through every work we publish and in everything we do. – Florence Robyn Smith

Teachable Moments Press is a Christian publisher with a mission to spread the good news through the works, writings, and lyrics of others.

Florence “Robyn” Smith established this company after receiving confirmation during a visit to Seeds of Greatness Bible Church on June 29, 2014.  Pastor Jerome Lewis stated, “It is time for us as a people to have our own names stamped on products.”  Florence was in the process of writing her first book, “Afghanistan: 179 Days of Teachable Moments.”  This book is collection of inspirational nuggets God used to teach her about His nature and how her life experiences relate to His Word. These were personal events that occurred during her Department of Defense 179-day deployment to Kabul, Afghanistan, February 14 – August 16, 2012; the teachable moments had a profound impact on her spiritual growth as a person.

Teachable Moments Press has its humble beginnings as a publishing company designed to cultivate the writing gifts within various members of her family.  Number 11 out of 12 children born to Marion O’Connell and Rita Sara Robinson Smith, Florence has had a long-standing yearning to publish the lyrics of Holy Spirit-inspired songs written by her mother for the Newport News Church of God Youth Choir she directed in the 1960 – 70’s.  Music, writing and drama are innate within the now four generations of the Smith family.

Our titles will challenge people to lead lives of moral excellence and virtue through content that is fair and encourages righteousness. Each work must be authentic and embrace reality as God created it — no matter if the work is fiction or nonfiction — with content that does not try to make reality something it is not. We will publish works that are filled with words that raise us up and make us more like Jesus Christ. Ultimately Teachable Moments Press titles will motivate people and call forth their best qualities.

2014 is the beginning of our ordained destiny to walk in the extraordinary as we nurture and promote authors who are committed to living in obedience to God’s revealed will.

What is life teaching you?

Every day is a new opportunity to experience something new. No matter what life throws at you, always find that teachable moment. So, tell us... what is life teaching you?

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